MyBox Senior Protection is a 24/7, year-round personal protection and well-being service, which offers security both inside and outside the home in the event of any emergency situation, thanks to its advanced technology and its high-tech watch design.

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MyBox Senior Single Protection

For the first three years

Total price of the equipment in instalments: €426.893

Home delivery

From the Central Unit:

  • Enjoy a healthy environment
    With information on the air quality, temperature and humidity inside and outside the home.
  • Voice chat
    You can communicate with other Senior Protection users to share friendly moments.
  • 24-hour telepharmacy
    If the user cannot get to the pharmacy to purchase medication, Alares4 will go to the user's nearest pharmacy to purchase the requested medication and take it directly to the user's home or location, anywhere in Spain. The user may make unlimited use of the service. Alares will go to the user's home, workplace or location to collect the medication amount and prescription, where applicable, collect it at the nearest pharmacy (prioritising the user's preferred pharmacy) and deliver it to the same location. The user will only pay the cost of the medication. The service can be requested and provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service is provided within 3 hours, anywhere in Spain.
  • Butler
    With the Butler service, you can receive some extra help with everyday tasks like renewing your national ID, passport or driving licence... With our Butler service managers, you can receive information to help you save money on your electricity, gas, telephone and TV bills. Or,
    if you prefer, we will help you to locate your preferred activities: sport, leisure, culture...
  • 24-hour medical advice
    You can receive medical advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Through your Senior Protection device in a matter of seconds, to clarify any consultation with medical professionals.

From your watch:

From the watch you can view the environmental parameters within your home, provided you are inside your home (temperature, humidity and air quality). When you are away from home, you can view the following information from the watch: time and date, percentage of daily physical exercise completed, steps, distance travelled in kilometres and watch battery percentage.

  • SOS button
    You just need to press and hold it for 2 seconds at any time when you need it.

  • Fall detection
    The watch also detects a fall if the user remains still for 45 seconds; but always press the SOS button on the side if possible.

Medical diagnosis by video consultation

A healthcare service provided through the HomeDoctor app, through which you can access a medical video consultation. Plus, thanks to the health assessment device, the doctor can check your vital signs immediately without leaving the house.

Health assessment devices

To complement the medical advice service, Homedoctor includes a remote assessment device for temperature, blood oxygen, electrocardiogram and blood pressure.